Mailing list and upcoming events

New mailing list / newsletter alert

Hello everyone!

The purpose of this blog post is to migrate the hundreds people that subscribe to this blog onto a mailing list.

It’s much easier for us to do a mail out that a new blog post all the time since different people do the admin for the group, but we will still do blog posts with photos after an event.

So if you wish to keep in touch with what’s happening in our cake world, ┬áplease sign up to our mailing list/newsletter

We won’t ever spam you with teeth-whitening offers or another annoying mailouts, but we may mail you from time to time about a new cake shop in Edinburgh, or an impromptu event!

You can opt out at any time, but rest assured, we only have cake love for you.

Upcoming events

March 20th – Towers of Terrific Tray bakes Take Two at Bon Papillon (event is full, waiting list in place).

Friday 26th April – Lashes and Tashes party (see picture below). 7pm – midnight. Also raising money for It’s Good 2 Give, you can go dressed up wearing either a set of lashes or a moustache to this disco and buffet at 28 York Place.

Tuesday May 7th, 6.30 – 8.30pm in Cafe Musa, “It’s Good 2 Eat Cake”.

A charity event to raise money for Wilma climbing Kilimanjaro and It’s Good 2 Give. Every penny raised will go to the charity as her trip is self-funded.

We need cake pledgers and there will also be room for lots of ‘eaters’ at this event. We will be doing a full blog post soon, but if you’d like donate a cake / get a ticket now, you can do, just drop us an email: edinburghcakeladies @ and we’ll send you more information.

Sunday 9th June, time too be confirmed, city centre venue.

A family cake and quiz event, again to raise money for It’s Good 2 Give. Lots of fun for all the family. More details in due course, but put the date in your diary.

Our 3rd birthday is in April

We will be celebrating our 3rd birthday in April, so watch out for a ‘flash’ cake event. This is why you need to be on the mailing list as everyone uses email, but not everyone uses social media to spread word of an impromptu event!

Raising money for It's Good 2 Give

Raising money for It’s Good 2 Give