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New mailing list / newsletter alert

Hello everyone!

The purpose of this blog post is to migrate the hundreds people that subscribe to this blog onto a mailing list.

It’s much easier for us to do a mail out that a new blog post all the time since different people do the admin for the group, but we will still do blog posts with photos after an event.

So if you wish to keep in touch with what’s happening in our cake world,  please sign up to our mailing list/newsletter

We won’t ever spam you with teeth-whitening offers or another annoying mailouts, but we may mail you from time to time about a new cake shop in Edinburgh, or an impromptu event!

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Upcoming events

March 20th – Towers of Terrific Tray bakes Take Two at Bon Papillon (event is full, waiting list in place).

Friday 26th April – Lashes and Tashes party (see picture below). 7pm – midnight. Also raising money for It’s Good 2 Give, you can go dressed up wearing either a set of lashes or a moustache to this disco and buffet at 28 York Place.

Tuesday May 7th, 6.30 – 8.30pm in Cafe Musa, “It’s Good 2 Eat Cake”.

A charity event to raise money for Wilma climbing Kilimanjaro and It’s Good 2 Give. Every penny raised will go to the charity as her trip is self-funded.

We need cake pledgers and there will also be room for lots of ‘eaters’ at this event. We will be doing a full blog post soon, but if you’d like donate a cake / get a ticket now, you can do, just drop us an email: edinburghcakeladies @ and we’ll send you more information.

Sunday 9th June, time too be confirmed, city centre venue.

A family cake and quiz event, again to raise money for It’s Good 2 Give. Lots of fun for all the family. More details in due course, but put the date in your diary.

Our 3rd birthday is in April

We will be celebrating our 3rd birthday in April, so watch out for a ‘flash’ cake event. This is why you need to be on the mailing list as everyone uses email, but not everyone uses social media to spread word of an impromptu event!

Raising money for It's Good 2 Give

Raising money for It’s Good 2 Give


EVENT – Going Underground, 7th November 2012

The Edinburgh Cake Ladies are going underground…..

Going Underground

The Edinburgh Cake Ladies are Going Underground.

For one amazing night, we will be holding a meeting in The Real Mary King’s Close, one of Edinburgh’s leading tourist attractions.

The staff at Mary King’s Close handled a visit from David Hasselhoff this summer, but can they handle the Edinburgh Cake Ladies paying a visit? Can they cope with the sugar?

Since Mary King’s Close is rumoured to have one or two ‘ghostly’ characters, our baking theme will be Spooky Bakes.

Mary King’s Close is said to be haunted – photo Gary Doak

Mr Chesney, the last resident in the close is often said to be lurking underground in an angry mood. Perhaps if we leave him some cake, he’ll become a happy ghost…..

Annie, a wee girl who was abadoned by her family during the plague was said to be a sad and sorrowful ghost until she was left a doll as a present in the 1990s. We’re hoping that leaving her a few slices of cake will help keep her happy.

The event will be held completely underground, so it is not suitable for those who suffer from claustrophobia. A full healthy and safety briefing will be given by the Mary King’s Close staff prior to us heading underground and the staff will also be on hand during the evening.

Theme – spooky bakes

This month you can make something sweet or savoury, as long as it is spooky in looks or name. You could also use leftover Halloween paraphernalia to decorate your chosen bake(s).

The extra twist this month is that only Alison and Fiona, the organisers of this event, will know who is baking what in advance. Attendees will find out what’s awaiting them when they arrive…….


The meeting will start at the slightly later time of 7pm due to operational reasons of the venue.

Those that are successful in gaining a place at this sought-after cake event, will be sent further details about the meeting and what to bring on the evening to help the setting up process run smoothly.

Mary King’s Close

Donations to charity

The majority of our cake events are free to attend. Due to the logistics of Mary King’s Close cafe and  where we are holding the meeting (down several flights of stairs) – it is not practical to use the cafe on the evening as we would normally do.

The venue is very kindly supplying all tea/coffee and water to those attending.

In exchange for the drinks, we suggested that people made a donation on the evening to our chosen charity – It’s Good 2 Give.

We are very honoured that Lynne McNicoll, the founder of It’s Good 2 Give will be joining in the underground fun.


Staff in costume and character will welcome us to the close and show us around the venue in small groups throughout the evening.

There will be a group photo taken in Mary King’s Close itself at some point in the evening.


We have enrolled the fantastic magician, Elliot Bibby to also perform at this event. Elliot is a supporter of It’s Good 2 Give and was recently a finalist in Britain’s Got Variety.

A talented magician

Although he’s threatened to make our cakes disappear, we have every confidence that he’ll bring them back so we can eat them!

How to apply for a place

You can apply for a place NOW at this exclusive event. Ladies and gents welcome.

Send us an email by 6pm Thursday 25th October

Please email what you plan to bake. Places are not allocated on what you are baking. If there are duplicates, you will be emailed and asked for a second choice, or if there is an unhealthy ratio of savoury to sweet (we are a cake club after all).

Please do not tell anyone else what you are making to keep the surprise for the evening.

You can email us now at – edinburghcakeladies (at) gmail (dot) com

There are 20 places available for this event. If the number of people requesting a place exceeds 20, a waiting list will be created.

Staff from Mary King’s Close will choose the names from a hat after the closing date.


We understand that this event is special and that those applying may have children who would kill for a place to eat cake, witness magic and hang out in a haunted street. If you have a child who would like to come, please specify this in your email. A child does not count to the total number of attendees – we have allowed for a few attending.


The twitter hashtag for this event is #undergroundcake

Thank you places

As a thank you to Sue who kindly hosted our last meeting at Cafe Musa, she will automatically be granted a place at this event, as will Katey and Victoria who organised it. These places are included in the 20 available.

Thank you to Mary King’s Close

We would like so say a very big thank you to all the staff at Mary King’s Close that are making this event possible. It perhaps has something to do with the fact that the general manager Craig Miller, is very fond of cake himself. Thank you!

You can follow Mary King’s Close on twitter @MaryKingsClose and like them on Facebook

We highly recommend a visit to this tourist attraction, it’s a great activity all year round and is suitable for anyone aged 5 and over.

Opening times and prices can be found here.

For one night only, cake will lie beneath….

We fancied the French Fancies….

We most definitely fancied the French Fancies before we visited this morning, but after devouring too many cakes to mention, we think we’re a little bit in love with them.

Victoria has already blogged about the morning which you can read about here and Alison has posted pictures of what she ate.

It was lovely to see some new faces and some that were conveniently off work! Here’s some pictures of the cakes and tarts that we devoured.

It was hard not to lick the display

Two of the first delights ordered, a chocolate and a raspberry creation

Cute tea cosies

Rum baba and macarons

Inside a chocolate mousse cake

Paris brest

Raspberry frangipane

Apple tart

Not even a crumb left

We love this sign on the wall

A big thanks to the French Fancies for hosting us and supplying such wonderful cakes and tarts.

The next get together of the Edinburgh Cake Ladies (and men) will be on the weekend of April 21st and 22nd. Read how you can get attend and come and say hello (and eat cake).

The location of May’s morning meeting will be published in due course.

We will continue to meet on the first Wednesday of every month and everyone is welcome. Subscribe to our blog (by RSS or enter your email in the top right hand corner).

Extra note:  A big hello to Victoria’s mom who we know reads this blog in Canada! So glad to have met you when you were in Edinburgh and happy future baking and eating of cake.