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As of March 2013, we have moved over to a new blog called the Edinburgh Bakers.

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Please note: We are a fun club. There is no financial cost to join and no money is ever exchanged hands for attending events (unless it’s a specific charity one).

It’s all about the cake

Established in 2010,  a few friends in Edinburgh decided to get together more often to catch up with each other’s news.  The ‘meetings’ took place in various places around town and at every charity afternoon tea for It’s Good 2 Give.  The only intention at these meetings was to have good conversation and always over cake.

The meetings became more frequent, numbers attending grew and the first proper ‘cake party’ was held at Alison’s house  in 2010.  There were more cakes on offer than you would know what to do with (kindly supplied by Patisserie Jacob) and in exchange, donations made to charity.

Despite the severe snow in December 2010, the Cake Ladies made it to another afternoon tea at the Caledonian Hotel in their wellies and winter gear.

Early 2011, the Cake Ladies branched away from cake (for one night) to have a curry and further friendships were formed with all the new members.

In March 2011, many of the Edinburgh Cake Ladies were involved in baking and helping organise the Cakes For Japan, Edinburgh event. Over £3,000 was raised in one day, all through the sale of cake.

In May 2011,  Leeds-based Lynn Hill, who runs My Secret Tea Room and Clandestine Cake held her first Scottish Clandestine Cake meeting with our help. The first man made an appearance and we’ve been welcoming men into the club ever since.

The second open event took place on 19th July 2011, another resounding success with in excess of 25 cakes and 30 ladies. You can read about the event here.

The third official Edinburgh Cake Ladies event took place on 13th October 2011 and confirmed that there are a lot of ladies (and gents) that like to get together over cake. You can read blog entries on the event – here.

All the events after this date have been written about on this blog.

More information:

You can read our FAQ’s about the Edinburgh Cake Ladies here.

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Email: edinburghcakeladies (at) gmail.com

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  2. As a cake lady, I can confirm that the event on Thursday was fantastic. Even though my pride and joy enjoy ended up on my kitchen floor, the cake ladies still welcomed me with open arms and allowed me to sample their offerings. And they were delicious!

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