Scottish Cake Clubs

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Scottish baking clubs

If you’re thinking of starting one, we encourage you to look at our blog, see pictures of past events and get planning your cakey get-together soon! We can vouch that they’re a lot of fun and great friendships made. We don’t have any firm rules and how many slices of cake you eat at an event, stays at the event!

We believe that we were the first cake club of this kind in the Britain. It might be that we were only the first in Scotland (we definitely were) but would be glad to step aside to that clam if there was a cake club in Britain that met up prior to April 2010.

Do let us know if you think you were the first cake club in the UK – we’ll happily give you credit!

EdinburghThe Edinburgh Cake Ladies  Mostly cakes, but also meet up socially for meals.

The Portobello Cake Club – no blog, only on twitter @Portycakeclub

The Edinburgh University Baking Society – perfect for those that are studying at Edinburgh Uni.

West LothianWest Lothian Baking Club  Sweet and savoury baking.

GlasgowThe Glasgow Baking Club newly formed, embracing all things baking.

FifeThe Fife Bakers newly formed, baking both sweet and savoury.

AberdeenPinnies and Petticoats

Clandestine Cake Clubs in Scotland

Lynn Hill, who runs the Clandestine Cake Club in Leeds has a comprehensive directory of clubs in the UK (and beyond). Lynn was bowled over with how much cake we ate when she paid us a visit last year. We will only be listing Scottish clubs here.

Scottish Clandestine Cake Clubs:





3 thoughts on “Scottish Cake Clubs

    • Apologies for late reply Maria. There aren’t any baking clubs in Dalkeith or East Lothian as of yet, but you are more than welcome to join Edinburgh Cake Ladies.
      I live near Dalkeith and ECL is the club I bake with, so come and join us. We have a drop in, drop out event on Wednesday 6th June at Tea at 94 on Buccluech Street from 10.30am. If you can make that, we’d love to see you. You don’t need to bring a cake, just yourself. 🙂


  1. hello lea, thanks so much for replying i will be there and happy to bring cake. can you tell me if there is a theme or is it just what ever i like to bring? maria

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