Attendees for the Towers of Terrific Tray bakes Take Two event are….

Well it seems 2013 is going to be a busy year for us after a overwhelming amount of applications for the places for our March event.

It’s hard to get it right as we had spaces left at January’s event but this one we could fill twice over and have closed applications early to avoid more disappointed people.

Below are the people that were drawn from a hat with the exception of the hosts & organisers. The other exception is our charity patron Lynne who works so hard, she deserves to sit down with a cuppa and cake lady Michelle who has just had a gorgeous baby boy so we have gifted her a place!

Attendees and tray bakes….

  • Ingrid and Stuart (Bon Papillon hosts)
  • Pamela (organiser) – Rocky road
  • Wilma (organiser) – ‘Banana and walnut squares’
  • Alison  – Malteser tray bake
  • Lynne (our charity patron) – TBA
  • Michelle – Alfie!
  • Sue – Date slice
  • Marie-Joelle – Bienenstich w/ rhubarb (missed East West cake due to sickness)
  • Lynsey – Fifteens
  • Victoria – Nanaimo bars
  • Lucy Cameron – Rocky Road fudge
  • Clare Taylor – Lemon drizzle
  • Adele – Brigadeiros
  • Katey – Chocolate cherry slice
  • Susan (and daughter Helen) – flapjacks
  • Fiona – Rolo slice
  • Wendy – Tomato soup tray bake  (no longer attending, Janis from waiting list in her place)
  • Rachel McWilliams – Chocolate and almond slice
  • Lou – Apricot and coconut slice (missed East West cake place due to illness)

Waiting list

  • Janis – now attending
  • Kay Wright
  • Pauline Tillotson
  • Jane H – can no longer make it
  • Lucy Torres

People do normally drop out for one reason or another, so don’t despair and keep checking your inbox for a last minute cancellation for a place that you can step into.

For those that haven’t been to an event before, please arrive with your tray bakes ready to display (saves venue cleaning 18 + extra plates) and a Tupperware box to take what you can’t eat home!

We’ll supply a label, so please let us know if you deviate from your original bake.

Drinks are bought from the venue at your own expense.

Event – Tower of Terrific Tray bakes Take Two, 20th March 2013

Towers of Terrific Tray bakes Take Two – 20th March 2013

After our extremely successful Tower of Terrific Tray bakes night at Bon Papillon last summer, we’re repeating the theme as a ‘take-two’ event.

We want to encourage people that have perhaps been too terrified of baking for one of our previous events to come along with their favourite tray bake. Our events are fun and not a competition, so please don’t be frightened to attempt to bake, we assure you it will be eaten!

Towers of Terrific Tray bakes‘ is our theme for March again.

Our venue for this event is the excellent Bon Papillon and the event will start at 6.30pm and teas/drinks will be bought from the venue.

The hash tag on twitter for this event is #edinTTTTT

Choosing tray bakes allows them to be cut into smaller pieces so those attending can try lots of different kinds in an effort to find their favourite.

You must make enough for at least 12 full slices, but high towers of tray bakes are positively encouraged.


Please email edinburghcakeladies (at) gmail (dot) com before  –  EVENT HAS  BEEN CLOSED EARLY to request your place at the ‘Towers of Terrific Tray bakes Take Two’ event on 20th March. Yes, that’s right, you can email now.

Please email your first and second choices of tray bakes in case of duplicates.

There are 18 places available (due to size of venue).

New members are postively welcomed.

Details of how to get your place at this year’s Christmas Afternoon Tea in aid of It’s Good 2 Give will be released again soon. Although the event is ‘sold out’, we bagged quite a few tables early on, so there should be room for everyone that would like to come.

Towers of Terrific Tray bakes

Towers of Terrific Tray bakes from last summer

Please note that in the event of the evening being over subscribed, we will choose attendees via a draw.

Should you wish to help out a future event, please let us know. If you’re a helper, your place is guaranteed at the event and the next event as a thank you.

East West Cake – the photos!

Thanks to all the lovely ladies and gents who braved the cold and headed to our venue today armed with amazing cakes.

The Glasgow Bakers enjoyed themselves and certainly weren’t shy in tucking in to all the cakes on offer.

Here is a selection of the cakes that were presented today:


Sue’s chocolate and fruit showstopper


Becky’s chocolate and raspberry cake


Kirsteen’s topical Glasgow cake


Adele’s rainbow ruffle cake


Katey’s Concorde cake


Yasmin’s chocolate framboise


Sarah’s gingerbread Guiness cake with poached pears


Rachel’s caramelised banana upside down cake


Doboz torte – Frances


Fiona’s carrot, orange and pistachio cake


Wendy’s pavlova

Barry's sherryless trifle cake

Barry’s sherryless trifle cake

Inside Michelles fraisier

Inside Michelles fraisier

Adele's cake was multi-coloured inside as well

Adele’s cake was multi-coloured inside as well

Inside Belinda's cake

Inside Belinda’s cake

As you can see from the selection we’ve posted, we were spoilt for choice!

As ever, it wasn’t a competition, but just a bunch of bakers coming together for tea, chat and loads of cake.

Not only were there people from the Edinburgh Cake Ladies and Glasgow Bakers, but a couple of Fife Bakers joined in the fun.

We officially declare today’s event as the first Scottish Cake Convention!

Blog entries. Do let us know if you blogged about the event and we will add it in below:

Janis’s entry (Fife Baker as well as an Edinburgh Cake Lady)

Adele’s entry

Becky’s entry (Glasgow Baker)

Caroline’s entry (first time attendee)

East West Cake update and Christmas 2013 afternoon tea!

East West Cake

We hope you had a fantastic Christmas and New year and are looking forward to cake-filled adventures in 2013.

Due to our larger-than-normal venue for our epic East West Cake event with the Glasgow Bakers, we’ve got a lot more room for people to attend. Everyone who has applied so far has got a place and there’s a handful of more places up for grabs, so don’t delay in emailing us for a spot.

Although the theme is ‘showstopper’ – you can basically do any cake you like, as every cake in our eyes is a showstopper!

Christmas Afternoon Tea – Sunday 8th December 2013, 2pm – 5pm

After the roaring success of the 2012 afternoon tea for It’s Good 2 Give where over 44 Edinburgh Cake Ladies listened to a delightful choir in sumptuous surroundings and munched their way to happiness – we’re pleased to announce that this year’s event will take place on Sunday 8th December.

Yes, we know it’s only the beginning of January, but spaces at Lynne’s events go like hotcakes and if you snooze you lose.

Prices are remaining the same at £25pp as an ‘early bird’ offer.

There is a Facebook event page.

A tower of cakes!

A tower of cakes!

To take the admin away from Lynne, we’re happy to organise payment as we did before and do one transaction to the charity.

Requests for tickets will close at the end of January, or until they sell out.

Thanks to everyone who followed last year’s instructions to the letter and made life very easy for us.

If you wish to come to the afternoon tea this year, please follow the instructions below. If you made a payment for tickets last year, it is the same bank account, so you wont have to wrestle with your card reader again.

If you wish to purchase a ticket (or tickets), please follow these instructions (sorry for the rules, but it will make our lives easier).

1.  Email us on edinburghcakeladies (at) with your request for a ticket. If you wish to buy more than one, you MUST declare it at this stage. You should write the names of the people that you wish to attend.

i.e  Alison Cake & Victoria Smith (2) – £50 total.

By doing it this way, we will guarantee you sit with the people you buy tickets with. If you are just buying a ticket for yourself, you will be seated with other lovely Edinburgh Cake Ladies.

You may only bring one ‘non’ cake friend, i.e someone not already involved in the club. There are many other supporters of It’s Good 2 Give that would also like to go to this sought after event.

2. In return, you will be given the bank account details of where to send your payment to.

3. Make the payment to this bank account CLEARLY SPECIFYING YOUR NAME so it can be linked to your ticket(s). Failure to do this causes administration headaches trying to tie the payment to the person who applied. Your payment will be immediately returned if there is no name attached. Please taken into account maiden and married names that may not match in your email / bank.

4. If your payment is not received within 5 working days of applying, we will not continue with your ticket request.

5. Once your payment has been received, you will receive an email saying that you have been successful in transferring money. At this stage, your ticket(s) are guaranteed.

6. Tickets will be issued on a first come first served basis.

7. Sorry for all the rules, but understandably if 40 people apply for tickets and 20% of them make an error, that’s a lot of paperwork (emails etc) in chasing people up.

8. We are aware this event is still a long time away, but it always sells out quickly and better to have the money in the charity’s bank account gaining interest etc.

9. If you subsequently can’t make it, then you can either nominate a friend to go in your place, or we will try to find someone via our social media channels.

If this is not possible, then the money will be classed as a ‘donation’ to the charity. Tickets are non-refundable.

10. The start time of the event is 2pm.


The room set up for the December 2012 afternoon tea

East West Cake – places open now!

We recently unveiled our plans to start 2013 with an epic cake event and our East West Cake event.

Along with our friends in the West, the Glasgow Bakers  this joint event will take place on Sunday 20th January at 28 York Place, Edinburgh.

Around a dozen of Glasgow Bakers are heading East to meet with us for a ‘cake off’.

Request your place now!

The rest of the places will be filled by Edinburgh Cake Ladies (and men). Places are aviailable to request now by emailing us at edinburghcakeladies (@)

Please inform us of the cake you would like to make, but like the last event, please keep it a secret. We don’t want the Glasgow Bakers knowing what we’ve got planned 😉

We’re fine to have duplicates this time, but we just want to check that there’s not too many of one kind.

There are 35 places left for us, so we do hope to be able to squeeze everyone in. Should the event be oversubscribed, there will be a waiting list as there will no doubt be a few drop outs due to winter sniffles and coughs.

Closing date for applying for a place is Friday 14th December.

Lisa's epic showstopper

Lisa’s epic showstopper

When and where?

Date – 20th January 2013

Time – 2pm – 4pm
Where – 28 York Place, Edinburgh, EH1 3EP

As usual, teas, coffees and drinks will be purchased from the venue. We will be setting up the room so that each table is a mixture of Glasgow Bakers and Edinburgh Cake Ladies. Let’s get to know each other over tea and cake!

Social media

You can talk to us @EdinCakeladies and the bakers from the west @GlasgowBakers

Twitter hashtag #eastwestcake