Going Underground – attendees

Well, our Going Underground event was extremely popular with over 100 people applying for the places.

I am sorry to say that there will obviously be a lot of disappointed people out there. Please check out the other baking clubs in Edinburgh and beyond.

Going Underground at Mary King’s Close

Because we are keeping the bakes a secret this month, here is a list of people who were drawn out of the hat. To the new people that are coming, you will still get a warm welcome, but our normal events are not normally as elaborate as this one!

There is a waiting list, so if you can’t come, or it’s looking like you can’t come, please let us know as soon as possible so we can line someone up in your place.


Sue, Victoria, Katey and Lynne.

Susan (plus kids), Joanna (new), Amanda, Wilma, Wendy (plus son), Lou (new), Lea, Shauna, Janis, Annwen (new), Hannah, Cat F, Adele, Ruth (new), Patricia (new).

Now can’t come – Ruth, Patricia

You will be sent final instructions via email

Waiting list (in order)

Katherine (cannot come) Cathy (has been asked), Isla, Mairi, Karen, Jane, Edna

There are normally a few drops outs and we will keep you informed if you’ve been moved up the list.

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