A Taste of Home @Cafe Musa

Joanne’s White Chocolate Poppy Seed Bunt

Fiona’s Empire Biscuits

Katey’s Cherry Cheesecake

Adele’s Apple Creams

Victoria’s Butter Tarts

Rebecca’s Norwegian Success Cake

Yasmin’s Date Cake

Sue’s Chocolate Hazelnut Coffee Cups

Cat’s Pumpkin Pie

Wendy’s Scones

Shauna’s Coconut Lemon Slice

Wilma’s Savoury Cheese and Mustard Scones

Amanda’s Caramel Shortbreads

Edna’s Peanut Krispies

On Wednesday night we celebrated A Taste of Home at the lovely Cafe Musa on the Mound.  A big thanks to Sue for hosting us (and for making us her chocolate pots). We are happy we opened this event up to all bakes. It was great digging into biscuits, tarts, scones and cakes, and hearing about the memories, people and places that inspired them all.

Read more:

Adele’s post

1 thought on “A Taste of Home @Cafe Musa

  1. Wow………..I’m Salivating now!! It really makes me wish I had come along when you were advertising an available space on twitter!! x
    I’m so glad I’m planning on doing some baking this evening after seeing all those scrummy cakes though!! x

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