We got fruity at Craigie’s Farm

Last night we held another baking event at the wonderful Craigie’s Farm with cake ladies old and new. We even had a total of four males join us for the evening, a new record!

Unfortunately, our dreams of sitting outside on a warm summer’s night were thrown into chaos thanks to the rain. In fact, the rain was the reason a couple of ladies called off at the last moment – it was too risky to drive a long distance (from Aberdeen) in the torrential downpours.

A couple of other ladies stepped in at the last moment, producing wonderful cakes in an hour or two.

We were also joined by photographer Alex who set up a ‘studio’ and captured most of the ladies with their cakey creations.

Here are some snap shots from the night and of a selection of the cakes on offer.

There were only a few crumbs left at the end of another successful evening.

Fiona helping new cake lady Mairi present her cake

Victoria sponge from event host Wendy and her son

Blackcurrant streusel cake

Shauna’s summer celebration cake

Victoria’s last minute Swedish berry cake

A beautiful (but wet) view at Craigie’s Farm

New cake lady Lou’s white chocolate and raspberry cake

Lizzie’s fruit drizzle cake

Lynne’s raspberry torte

Photos galore

Stuart’s cake

One of the cake ladies is Lea Harris, who was a contestant on the first series of the Great British Bake Off. This is the cake that she made at her ‘audition’ that got her onto the show.

Lea’s cake

Rachel’s upside down rhubarb cake

Jane’s sticky date with toffee sauce cake

Allison’s cheesecake

Inside Lea’s cake

A few slices ‘for the road’

A big thank you to everyone at Craigie’s who made our night most enjoyable.

Unfortunately one of the cake ladies Fiona, had an ‘accident’ with her cake on the way home. We shouldn’t laugh, but we did.

You can read her blog entry here.

Other blog entries by the attendees will be added below in due course.

Victoria’s entry

Rachel’s entry

Alison’s entry

Fiona’s entry


One thought on “We got fruity at Craigie’s Farm

  1. Wow. Wow wow wow. I’m so sad that I missed the fruity meetup. But it makes me want to get baking, and my Great British Bakeoff book has arrived in the post, so that makes me feel better. 🙂

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