Evening report – Towers of Terrific Tray bakes

A massive thanks to Stuart and Ingrid for hosting us at the excellent Bon Papillon last night. They warmly welcomed us into their beautiful art cafe and have even blogged about the event already.

The next baking event will be on 27th June 2012 and will be back to cakes with a ‘fruit’ theme. Details will be released on this blog in due course.

You have until Friday 18th May to request your space(s) for the It’s Good 2 Give charity afternoon tea that 40+ of us have already got tickets for.

Details of how to get your ticket can be found in this post.

Alison’s blog entry

Stuart and Ingrid’s blog entry

Shauna’s blog entry

Victoria’s blog entry

Gwen’s blog entry

Janis’s entry

Here’s the evening of tray bakes in pictures.

Setting up the table at the rear of the cafe amongst the art

Labels ready

Towers of tray bakes start arriving

Not built for stacking

All shapes and sizes

These were indeed very orangey

Marshmallow goodness

Lucy’s chocolate toffee bars

20 varieties of tray bakes good to go (and be eaten)

Plates were emptying as the evening went on

All that was left of Sue’s tray bakes

And the ladies throughout the evening were so engrossed in the baked goods and conversation that they didn’t notice the presence of a certain man coming in during the evening as our Facebook page explains.

Mr Darcy at Bon Papillon

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