In the Herald……

Today there was an article in the Herald about the rise (and rise) of baking that featured an interview with Lea Harris and photos from our February event.

We’re hoping the article will appear online soon, but in the meantime, you can either nip out and get a hard copy of today’s issue (28th April 2012), or just have a look at the photos that were included in the article below.

Unfortunately a few of the facts were wrong in the article regarding the number of members we have and a few other minor details, but hey ho, it’s all about the cake!

Three Sisters Bake (Renfrewshire)

Second page of article

Third page of article

Close up of Lea's picture and her huge cake

Close up of Katey and her '2012 year of the cake', espresso chiffon cake with Baileys mousse


3 thoughts on “In the Herald……

  1. Seeing this makes me absolutely thrilled. Great photos and a nice long article, even if there are a few errors. It’s just brilliant to see people being celebrated for creating things. Cakes are made of awesome.

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