And the 21 bakers are…

As usual the number of entries has been overwhelming with lots of emails from new bakers.  We’ve tried to make sure that there is a good balance of new and returning Edinburgh Cake Ladies (no gents this time) and know that there will be some upset Cake Ladies out there.  Don’t forget we are keeping a record of who is coming to bake nights to make sure that everyone is getting a chance to show off and enjoy each other’s creations.

In no particular order our 21 bakers are:

Alison – Chocolate orange

Aoife Behan- Pear and Chocolate

Katey Lee- Caramel Apple

Adele Erwin- Apple and Amaretto Frangipane

Catherine Foley-Lemon, Bergamot and Olive Oil

Fiona Harvey- Pumpkin

Amy Malone- Caramelised Onion and Mustard

Lois- Rich Chili Chocolate

Pamela Newby- Maple Pecan

Melissa Bedinger- Chestnut

Wendy Paterson- Blood Orange tart with orange caramel sauce

Emma Watt- Chocolate Caramel

Stephanie Stapleton- Rich Chocolate and Raspberry

Sophia Jackson- Raspberry, Lemon and Frangipane

Lea Harris- Passionfruit Meringue

Hannah Knowles- Classic Lemon

Michelle Holden- Crostata Facile de Albiocche

Lisa Brunton Stocks- Bacon, Brie and Goldcrest Tomato Rocket Tart

Ruth- Coconut, Rum Treacle

Victoria Blogg- Rhubarb Cream

Gillian Brown – TBC

Allison Patrick – TBC

Plus special guest – Ross Baxter – @RossPatissier

Waiting List

Pamela Newby- Maple Pecan (no longer on waiting list)

Hannah Knowles- Classic Lemon (no longer on waiting list)

Allison Patrick (no longer on waiting list)

Gillian Brown – (no longer on waiting list)

Those that had a place but can no longer come: Georgia Artus, Katherine Hart, Sue Tulley +1

The venue this month is the newly rennovated and extended Mimi’s Bakehouse  more details closer to the 21st!

Looking forward to seeing you all at Getting Tarty. And…if getting to grips with pastry wasn’t nerve wracking enough…we have a special guest coming! But…more on that later!


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