Getting tarty – March 21st 2012

March 2012

One Edinburgh Cake Ladies event barely over and thoughts have already turned to the next big cake event.


This time it isn’t Cake.

Not Cake?! we hear you all gasp.  No, not cake-but pastry. In March, the Edinburgh Cake Ladies are Getting Tarty!

Yes, yes, it is still The Year of the Cake…but with the first signs of spring creeping in we thought it was time to dust off those tart tins and try something different.

Most of us will admit that pastry can be a daunting task, heck we often stress over it (or even cheat).  Even more reason why this is the perfect opportunity to give it a go.  If you’ve been avoiding pastry due to a traumatic experience in the past or have never tried your hand at it DON’T let this theme put you off joining in.

So whether it is a ruff puff or a perfectly flakey shortcrust, an old family classic or something completely new come along and get tarty.

p.s. Soggy bottoms are always welcome.

Request your place now

Please email edinburghcakeladies (at) gmail (dot) com before 5pm on Friday 2nd March 2012 to request your place at the ‘Getting tarty’ event on 21st March. Yes, that’s right, you can email now!

Please include the tart you would make (we will allow a few savoury ones) and your second choice in case of duplicates.

We will choose the attendees and publish the lucky bakers a few days after the closing date and the venue will be announced closer to the event.

If you know any men that would like to attend, please encourage them to email us, it would be great to have at least one or two come along.

Places at future events

Due to demand regularly exceeding places available at our events, we started a ‘master register’ at February’s event to keep track of who comes along.

Everyone is welcome to apply for a place at March’s event, but priority will be given to those who didn’t attend  Earthy Foods (we are aware there were a lot of disappointed people).

We aim to have a balance of regular cake ladies at future events and those perhaps attending for their second time or third time.  A few places will be also be allocated for newcomers.

If you have attended one of our social events before – it doesn’t count against your name on the master sheet. Only the people attending baking events are being added to the attendance record.

Everyone will get to attend at some stage and the master sheet will be made public. Please don’t complain if you don’t get a space for every one you apply for.


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