The Year of the Cake – Pictures and blog round up

Another successful meeting was held on Tuesday night at Earthy Foods on Edinburgh’s Southside. We warmly welcomed new members into the club that immediately got into the swing of things and tucked into slices of cake.

There was a fabulous selection of cakes to choose from, all of which went down a storm, leaving only crumbs at the end of the night.

Blog entries by attendees on the night can be found via these links:

Katey’s entry

Susan’s entry

Alison’s entry

Victoria’s entry

Fi’s entry – including pictures of the cakes ‘mid-eat’.

First timers:  Blog entry by Janis and an entry by Caro.

Here are some pictures of the cakes that were baked and boy has it been a good start to the ‘Year of the Cake’…..

Espresson Chiffon Cake with Baileys mousse

Michelle's Raspberry ripple cake

Allison Patrick's Coconut lime curd meringue roulade

Chiara's Strawberry and chocolate cake

Kirsteen's Orange and almond cake

Terri's lemon and passionfruit cake

Susan's beetroot and seed cake

Manuela's apple cake

The cakes before eating!


3 thoughts on “The Year of the Cake – Pictures and blog round up

  1. What a fantastic evening!!! i am drooling as i type this and now off to sneak into the kitchen for a piece (or two) from my doggy bag! xx

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