Date confirmed for 19th July

An average-sized cake in my world

The date is now confirmed as Tuesday 19th July 2011 for the next cake extravaganza.  Interest in this event has been unbelievable and the blog was visited over 250 times yesterday!  I am no mathematician, but interest in the event appears to exceed the amount of spaces available, so unfortunately, there might not be space for everyone 😦

I will be releasing places on Monday 6th June at 1800hrs GMT.  For those of you that subscribe to this blog via email, you will be notified as the relevant post is published, others must bookmark this page and visit at the right time.  You must then email me to request a place and wait for confirmation. 

At 9am on Wednesday 8th June, I will collate the details of everyone who wishes to attend and conduct a lottery draw if needed. 

There are no ‘plus ones’ this time, everyone must be a baker. 

I think this is the fairest way to do it, but would welcome any comments and suggestions on method to implement the draw.

A waiting list will be in place like the last event (also in order) and will be posted here for all to see.

The theme has been decided, but will be announced on confirmation, as will the location.  The time of the event will remain the same, 6pm-8pm.

Since demand is high for these events, I am happy to pass the reins onto someone for organising meeting #3, but let’s get the second one sorted out first.


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